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Pay & Bill Services For Recruitment Companies

For UK, Irish and international recruiters, has two central themes, reducing your processing costs and making you more competitive. We have produced the most flexible and technically advanced middle and back office outsourcing solution available to recruiters. Our clients benefit from the economies of scale, the flexibility and reduced step cost of change that our outsourcing solution delivers, whilst also secure in the knowledge that increasingly complex legislative compliance and accuracy are key deliverables of the Paperchase.

Paperchase Business Services provides easy and hassle free Pay & Bill services to recruitment agencies which includes processing both the weekly temp employees as well as monthly payroll of perm employees along with processing sales invoices to clients.

We specialize in Pay & Bill services for recruitment sector and have experience and products that can substantially reduce your operational costs. Paperchase’s Pay & Bill service is fully compliant with HMRC requirements. Our expert team is updated with ever changing payroll legislation and tax rules and the software’s which we use are fully HMRC Accredited

To make the recruitment companies Pay & Bill process simpler we provide the following services.

Why use Paperchase Business Services for Pay & Bill

Every recruitment company is different and we don’t want different companies to follow our procedures. We work with recruitment companies and mirror their process and work for betterment. We also have knowledge about leading pay & bill software’s for recruitment companies which will help you if you want to implement any software’s. Some of the benefits are highlighted below.

Can you afford not to take advantage of our highly efficient Pay & Bill Services? If you want to know more about our high quality and competitive priced pay & Bill services call us today.